For over 40 years, the SPAT Group has been committed to certain values to instil a measure of continuity in its events and create customer loyalty.

What are these values?


which helps understand your concept and request. Otherwise how could we submit a quotation? Therefore, our recommendation and our offer will always begin with reiterating the full data of your request, followed by the solutions we suggest.
Communications begins with listening.

Professionalism and specialisation of teams and tools

Every team member is a recognized professional in his/her own field (publishing; marketing; flow control techniques; tradeshow architecture, traffic flow control etc.), and the sum of everyone’s skills is a guarantee of your project’s consistency. Also, each team member has dedicated ITC tools whose Specification was designed for their intended function by a dedicated practitioner.

Constant availability

Far from being a mere service provider, we are constantly available before, during and after your event. We contribute our insight and our experience well beyond the terms of a contract. Because of our overall view of a tradeshow or conference we can draw your attention to every detail.
We are available almost on a 24-hour basis and our mobile phones are accessible for any request, without any day or time limit.
Almost all of us are trilingual, as we can host increasing numbers of exhibitors, delegates and meeting planners from all over the world as a result of globalisation.

Every team member is firmly convinced that “You’re the boss”.


Trust in a relationship is based on transparency. That is why we operate to that principle, both in terms of operation and of terms of compensation.

Results first, and then profit

Here are two examples likely to illustrate this motto:
Selling a stand to an exhibitor today does not mean “selling square metres” as before, but selling results instead. Thus, we have a range of offerings that turn participation in a tradeshow into an actual marketing process. We prepare your presence so that it can be measured in tangible results versus an initially set objective.

Today, the true challenge is in the number and qualification of visitors, and not the number of exhibitors any more. We devised visitor mobilisation strategies meeting exhibitors’ expectations. Also, as early as 1994, we invented the “visiting circuits”, subsequently taken up in many shows under various names, such as “expert course” or “buyers’ course”. They help visitors identify in advance or on-site the products and services they are looking for in a tradeshow.


Because today service is the only concept that can make a difference. All shows, all stands, all items of furniture, all reception desks, all conferences appear to look alike: The real difference lies in service, i.e. the added value that is decisive for results and the quest for “zero defect”.

For us, the result is a very high loyalty rate both of our planner clients and of exhibitors.

People and Networks

SPAT, is a small core structure of 17 permanent staff surrounded with many practitioners, freelancers and outsourced staff attached to the satellite structures of shows and conferences, thus forming a consistent group of persons related by a methodology, know-how and reliability specified in the Specification constituted over time and representing the company’s culture.

The 17 permanent staff, whose seniority exceeds 10 years in many cases, are a guarantee of implementation of the know-how and methods in each relevant segment: Tradeshow Manager, Project Manager, Technical or Logistics Manager, General Installer, Decorator, Conference Practitioner, Computer Specialist, Desktop Publishing Graphic Designer, Webmaster, Marketing Manager, Development Manager, Advertising Manager etc.