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A professional organiser of prominent tradeshows, exhibitions and international conferences for over 40 years, SPAT is a mark, a spirit and a reputable brand.

SPAT, through its know-how and experience, makes its expert human resources and specific ITC tools available to meeting planners to organise ALL or PART of their events, thus guaranteeing successful events at lower prices.

Service outsourcing to a team of practitioners is a guarantee of lower prices, budget keeping, and zero defect.

The opportunity to subcontract all or part of services to practitioners guarantees upholding of the project owner and project manager’s roles, thus maintaining total control of the project, of free choice of task distribution, and of a guaranteed results.

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Says Benoît Rosenthal, Managing Director of BEDOUK Editions (publishers) and organiser of the Bedouk MC & IT Show (a leading business travel and incentive show in France)

“We have been working in partnership with SPAT for 4 years now, within a collaborative framework that developed over time.

Initially, we would directly manage the production of our show, which involved in-house staff whose work load was quite poorly distributed over the year, with extended slack periods and one huge peak. Besides, relationships with our suppliers were not always beneficial, since our trade show activity was limited to a single annual event.
In the early stages of our collaboration, SPAT would act as an intermediary with some suppliers: we were granted the rates negotiated on an annual basis by SPAT, and SPAT would co-ordinate and follow-up on all suppliers it was responsible for.
Today SPAT provides the entire technical organisation of our show, and also full management of the catalogue, badges etc. For us, this amounts to outsourcing both technical management and pre-contract exhibitor relations.
Such organisation has many benefits. First, we can devote full time to our planning role, focussing all resources on the promotion and marketing of our event.
Second, we can take advantage of the expertise and support of professionals, not only in terms of show preparation, but also and more importantly in terms of show operation. SPAT provides co-ordination and monitoring of general installation, supports all exhibitors during installation, and settles any and all unexpected events, in full compliance with the predefined Specification.

To conclude, the contribution of SPAT’s skills results in real comfort providing planners with optimum conditions to ensure successful shows.”