All sorts of solutions for any specification and any quantity, from just one to thousands of units, for professional of the exhibition, conference, congress, seminar & convention industry. SPAT Badges – More than a badge – A service!


The EASY BADGE format is particularly appropriate for small quantities, from just one to a few hundreds or even thousands of units. The badges can be produced in advance and on site.

Also, the EASY BADGE (by SPAT) is cost-effective. Made of rigid PVC in credit card size 85x54mm (3 3/8″x2 1/8″), it will take up the company or event’s graphics (logos or images), and will further be individualised in black for each participant (First name, name, company name etc.)

A badge may include a lower colour stripe to underline the bearer’s status (Organiser, Contributor, Delegate, Exhibitor etc.) Any type of information can be printed on the back.

A number of badges can be printed in advance and the remainder at the venue, in which case SPAT will provide on-site service (printer and operator) Our badges can be either perforated for clips or lanyards, or inserted into badge-holders.

They can also be used as a VIP badges, member cards, or any types of cards usable in this format.

EASY BADGE (by SPAT) – A flexible, cost-effective and easy solution, both before your event and on site.

SPAT badges, More than a badge – A service!

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The offer includes PVC, cardboard or paper badges in the various international sizes. Badges are available for insertion into badge-holders or perforated for use with clips or lanyards.
Les Badges SPAT sur le salonIn addition to the product itself, SPAT offers a number of services based on organisers’ requests, thus turning mere badge supply into full service:

  • Automatic on-line registration platform; organiser Badges SPAT Congrès scientifiqueback-office; mailing lists; advance and on-site printing; filing and distribution accessories; and on-site loan of printers and scanners.
  • Badges can be adjusted to any content requirement, from basic First name/Name/Company Name to any type of participation information, barcodes, pdf codes or flash codes.

SPAT further offers, together with on-line registration, printing for each visitor or delegate of an e-badge they can print themselves at home in A4 size to be folded in 4 for insertion into a badge-holder that will be supplied at venue entrance. The advantage of the system is that the remaining parts of the A4 sheet can be used for printing the programme or any type of further information. In such case, e-badge supply and printing shall be borne by the participant.

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