General show installation

For 40 years, Spat Group has helped event organizors to aim for success

General show installation

We organise all or part of your next show for and with you. You are the Project Owner; we are the Project Manager, your “tailor-made” service provider.

Architecture and general installation of your show: a business

Based on over 40 years’ experience both in trade shows and in exhibitions, SPAT Group’s teams will meet your deadlines, keep to your budget, and ensure lower prices and uninterrupted support before, during and after the event, both to yourselves and your exhibitors.

From 100 to 10,000sq.m, a general installation managed by the SPAT Group means for you: A triple guarantee of results, deadline meeting and budget control.

Stand technology

We offer a wide range of structures, whether modular (aluminium structure with wooden panels) or traditional (cotton-covered plywood partition), banking on various stocks for a suitable offering (see Exhibition Stands page). We also offer des mini-stands for small exhibitions and fully equipped package stands on a turnkey basis.

Power, weak currents and networks

Our dedicated Utilities team (strong and weak currents) will perform any type of electric, telephone, Internet installation and distribution under maximum safety and comfort conditions. We also install wireless networks, WiFi, and any types of intercom systems


Our prices are the lowest in the market: through our annual potential of a large number of shows we can get the most favourable prices for structures, carpeting, and any other ancillary equipment. Whatever the surface area of your exhibition, you will be granted our annually negotiated rates.

Guaranteed performance and deadlines

As a “wholesaler” we use on a supplemental basis the stocks of various installers, which prevents us from running out of stock or being exposed to a strike.

Uninterrupted support

Our uninterrupted support to yourselves, your teams, the venue and your exhibitors before, during and after the show is quite legendary. Our multilingual teams will be your permanent interface and will take any technical concern from your shoulders. Our best endorsers are our clients!

We provide in particular:

  • Our Engineering Department in the early stages of show architecture designing and mapping, allowing for traffic flow control and exhibitor/visitor comfort requirements;
  • Our Customisation Department for selecting stand style, colours, materials and carpeting ideally suited to your event;
  • Our Technical Services & Logistics to understand any power supply, lighting and signage requirements.

Thus, we can design stand areas, common areas, reception desk areas, rest rooms, exhibition management, and VIP Club.

Let's succeed your event together