We organise all or part of your next show for and with you. You are the Project Owner; we are the Project Manager, your “tailor-made” service provider. Comprehensive organisation of a tradeshow requires a perfect combination of a number of trades and highly varied specific skills, such as filing applications for permits, preparation of legal documents (Rules of Exhibition, and General terms of Sale), budget preparation, print et website design, marketing, communications, exhibition architecture, making up of package stands, safety (safety officer, public assembly building staff, security staff, and prevention plan), traffic flow control, and many highly varied technical skills. SPAT Group’s expert teams control any and all stages of tradeshow design, modelling and technical organisation. Therefore, they will be you partner to carry out all or part of your project.

Organizing an exhibition?

Download the documentation


Download the documentation

Examples of action fields

  • Strategic thinking; concept validation; market research;
  • Scheduling;
  • Preparation of a business plan, detailed budget, and communications plan including a media plan.
  • Optimised search for venues, sites and dates.
  • Print design and website design, including visual identity research, production of all communications/marketing-related documents.
  • Production of a general installation architecture project, including traffic flow study, attractions, common areas, reception desks, General Management, press centre etc. (see General Installation page);
  • Exhibitors’ marketing
  • Visitor mobilisation; visiting circuit control (buyer’s course)
  • Management of parking lot and services related to the use of the place
    • Access, parking lots, gare station management
    • Management of utilities (power, water, telephone, Internet connection, etc)
    • Safety & Security

    • Reception and Information
    • Security and access control
    • Safety and fire protection (safety officer, public assembly building staff, prevention plan)
    • Names tags and traffic flow control
    • General services, General Management, Press Service, VIP service
    • Cleaning
    • CateringOn-site service provider management, including writing of Specification, call for tenders, and contracts, and checking of assignments, in particular for:
  • Follow-up and technical support of exhibitors (production of Technical Kit); on-site control room (see Control Room page)
  • Full management of general installation, signage, furniture, flower decoration, and common areas;
  • Full management of the entire operating period;
  • Closing; dismantling;
  • Technical & financial reviews; statistics.