Print & web design of your event

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Print & web design of your event

We will organise for you and with you all or part of your next congress, conference or convention, your are the Project Owner, we are the Project Manager, your “tailor-made” service provide.

Comprehensive organisation of a congress, a conference or a convention involves a strategic communications thinking process and production of a number of specific print and Website documents.

Designing such specific documents requires three skills:

  • Being a professional organiser controlling the entire publishing chain for the relevant event and its technical and functional requirements;
  • Being a communications strategy thinking and media buying expert;
  • Being an art & production agency, capable of producing with talent the event’s visual identity and its print and Web applications.
  • Being a web developper

SPAT Group’s PR expert teams control all stages from strategic thinking to artwork, to publishing of all printed matter and Website elements, and advertising communication of a congress, a conference or a convention.
Therefore, they will be you partner to carry out all or part of your project.
First, they will provide strategic communication thinking, market analysis, targeting, and if relevant, media planning and space buying (press, billposting, radio, TV).

Then our print teams provide the following

  • Design of a strong, representative visual identity
  • Design of a style and full applications of the visual ID and logos
  • Teasers, ads and press ads
  • Calls for contributions
  • Also:
    • Programmes, catalogues, exhibition guides, maps and visiting circuits
    • Invitation cards, badges and access cards
    • Posters and signage
    • Registration forms and exhibitor contracts
    • And so on...
  • Creation of the website and the various online registration forms, with back office access for the organiser and the scientific committee,
  • Creation of management platforms and dedicated applications

Our WEB will naturally adapt all such documents to the event’s Website, including setting up of PHP bases for on-line registration and payment. Management of calls for contributions will also be on-line.

Further, the event’s style will be repeated in the EVENT’S SIGNAGE :

  • Entrance signs, welcoming panels, and directional signs
  • Posters
  • Signage inside and outside the hall
  • Directional signage
  • Programme and plans on display
  • And so on...

Of course, the event’s style will be applied to all specific items and displays produced as part of the event, in particular:

  • Satchels, bags, briefcases, and binders
  • Promotional and sponsorship items
  • Banners, drop banners, canvas covers, flags etc.

Also, audiovisual resources will include management of all in-room presentations.

Let's succeed your event together