Rent poster panels

SPAT, a specialist in all types of services for conference organisers for over 30 years, supplies all items necessary for a poster presentation or poster session:

  • Floor plan preparation;
  • Rental and return transport of panels, with setting up of self-bearing or interconnected panels;
  • Panel numbering;
  • Supply of fastening devices; and
  • Support.


  • Lighting by rod spots;
  • Signage;
  • Textile floor covering; and
  • Additional furniture (high table and stools, coffee table and low armless chairs, desk etc.)

Depending on the allocated budget or ordered quantity, poster panels may be produced either:

  • as a modular structure (more common and less expensive) made of a wood panels framed in a self-bearing aluminium structure; or
  • as a tailor-made woodwork covered with colour cotton (mostly Black).

Poster panels may be vertical or horizontal and posting size is normally about 1x2metres in the case of a modular structure. Exact overall dimensions and exact posting sizes are detailed in our dedicated data sheets.

For tailor-made woodwork, size is open and the look is more stylish, but the price is higher. The floor plan will be supplied to the organiser for posting and for inserting in the programme. Poster panels will be numbered to make it easier for attendees to find their way around the site and in the programme. Poster panels, together with fastening devices (Velcro, self-adhesive discs, double-sided adhesive, and Scotch mount), will be supplied to every participant. Authors usually make their own posters (quite often printed and laminated Power Point printouts). In some cases, SPAT can also provide that service (printing and laminating of submitted papers). Poster panels can be delivered to any venues, conference centres, universities, hotels or private meeting rooms. Prices are based on quantity, delivery location, and accessibility by our vehicles. Ask for a quotation at

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Rent poster panel

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Poster panel in a congress

A scientific congress, conference or symposium offers a number of communications formats (Learn more on congresses’ organization).
The Scientific Committee or Programme Committee usually makes calls for papers to a dedicated community of scientists, researchers or physicians working on the themes addressed by the conference.

The Scientific Committee will screen submissions, and then distribute presentation methods allocated to authors, on the basis of theme significance, topicality or relevance.

Usual methods:

  • Oral presentations, where selected authors, contributors or speakers are given a speaking time to present their papers to the audience,
  • Poster presentations, also known as poster sessions, where authors are given posting space, i.e. a poster panels located in communal parts next to conference rooms. Poster authors may attend poster sessions to comment on their presentations, or not.

Commercially, conference communications can include among others:

  • Tradeshows (stands);
  • Sales documentation distribution; and
  • Sponsorship of conference events, or part of them.

All such communications items will be announced in the conference programme, and subsequently reproduced or summarised in conference proceedings.

As solution and service, SPAT offers to rent your poster panels.


Poster session

Poster sessions are usually held in the communal parts of the venue, either in dedicated rooms or within coffee-break rooms, exhibition areas, gangways or any other place where attendees will most certainly walk around. Poster panels will be placed individually or in a line, in staggered rows or in clusters. Panels may be placed against a wall (only one side of the panel will then be available) or may be accessible on both sides. Adequate space shall be provided for attendees to be able to go around or stop for a reading or a presentation. A poster layout plan is usually available. As solution and service, SPAT offers to organize your poster session.